Weekend brunch


Welcome to Nebro fine & wine restaurant!

We serve gourmet specialities every day of the week, and this is not the case at weekends when we prepare for the specialties of the latest ingredients in our weekend brunch.

Specialties include fresh salads, cold dishes, soups, fish and various specialties of meat and desserts, which come directly from our own confectionery, furthermore we also cater vegetarians and food-sensitive guests.

In addition to specialties, you can enjoy our house wine, draft beer, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks and mineral water.

It is an ideal choice for families, friend meetings and anniversaries.

We provide free parking for our guests.


Price: 5990 HUF / Person.

Children between 2-12 can enjoy 50% discount.


The price is valid for 2 hours of stay and consumption.